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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Speedplay frog pedals made of?

Speedplay Frog Pedals, Stainless Steel Axles, with cleats! For Sale: Speedplay Frog Stainless Pedals. And cleats. These pedals are used, and in fair condition. The axles spin smoothly, and the pedal bodies have lots of life left. The Frog Stainless is built on a super-strong. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel spindle.

Are Speedplay frogs good for mountain bikes?

Whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike, tandem or 'cross bike, the Speedplay Frog can do it all. G3 Frog cleat is stronger, more durable, easier to mount and compatible with two-hole SPD-style road shoes. Quickly and easily sheds mud, because debris is pushed out when the cleat engages with the pedal.

Which Speedplay pedals are right for You?

Speedplay Frog pedals are ideal for road riders who prefer a recessed, walkable cleat. Like their amphibious namesake, Frog pedals are equally at home in dry or muddy terrain.

How much do frog pedals weigh?

Powered by DESCRIPTION Up for sale is a pair of Speedplay Frog pedals with cro-moly spindles- 255 grams. These double-sided pedals can be used for road.

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