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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between interval and ratio?

Interval: the data can be categorized and ranked, and evenly spaced. Ratio: the data can be categorized, ranked, evenly spaced and has a natural zero. Why do levels of measurement matter? The level at which you measure a variable determines how you can analyze your data.

What is ratio data?

Ratio data tells us about the order of variables, the differences between them, and they have that absolute zero. Which allows all sorts of calculations and inferences to be performed and drawn. Ratio data is very similar interval data, except zero means none. For ratio data, it is not possible to have negative values.

What is a ratio scale?

Any measurement belonging to this category of interval scale can be ranked, counted, subtracted, added but by no means it will give any sense of ratio between the two measurements. A ratio scale is a measurement scale which has more or less all the properties of an interval scale. Ratio data on this scale has measurable intervals.

What is the difference between interval and point data?

Like interval data, it is ordered/ranked and the numerical distance between points is consistent (and can be measured). But what makes it the king of measurement is that the zero point reflects an absolute zero (unlike interval data’s arbitrary zero point). In other words, a measurement of zero means that there is nothing of that variable.

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