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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a sow last for tax purposes?

This SOW will expire one year after Services Effective Date. Any service outlined in this SOW and not used by Customer will expire at that time and no fees will be refunded. V. The Services. 1. Sales Tax Risk Assessment.

What is the meaning of sow effective date?

SOW Effective Date means the date set forth in each SOW on which such SOW shall be effective. SOW Effective Date means the effective date separately in and for each Statement of Work. SOW Effective Date means with respect to any SOW, the effective date of that SOW as defined in that SOW.

What is the statement of work (“SOW”)?

This Statement of Work (“ SOW ”) describes the Professional Services provided to Customer by Avalara. This SOW is in addition to and incorporates by reference the Avalara Professional Terms and Conditions located at (“ Terms ”). Any capitalized terms used in this SOW and not defined have the meanings given in the Terms.

Do seeds have a “sow by” date?

Additionally, many seed packages include a “sow by” date, which doesn’t represent the freshness of the seeds but rather the resulting validity of a germination test previously conducted prior to packaging.

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