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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start a review of sow exotic?

Start your review of Sow Exotic. I am a first time customer of Sowexotic. I am usually very sceptic to order trees online unhealthy trees picked by the nursery or shipping problems. My first order from them didn't go to well due to the shipping problem. I ordered 2 trees which was packaged incorrectly.

Where can I buy tropical plants in Florida?

There are a surprising number of tropical plant nurseries, if you just look. Logees has been used for decades in my plant club (gesnariads). They have potted tropical plants that can be brought indoors. TopTropicals is a Florida based nursery with everything, including great communication.

How much does a Caimito plant cost?

Sold Out Quick Shop Green Caimito (Chrysophyllum cainito) $99.95 Quick Shop Red Sugar Apple Seedling (Annona squamosa L.) $22.95 Quick Shop Moldavian Balm ‘Maldavian Dragonhead’ (Dracocephalum moldavica) $14.95 Quick Shop Finger Root ‘Chinese Keys’ (Boesenbergia Rotunda) $19.95 NEW

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