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Frequently Asked Questions

What is statement of work (SOW)?

Try Smartsheet for Free. A statement of work (SOW) is a document that describes the terms and objectives of a project or service contract, including the scope of work required to meet the objectives, costs, deliverables, timeliness, and other expectations.

What is Sow in software development?

In software development, SOW is typically created by an outsourcing vendor. What makes this method conventional in the industry is the fact that software devs can write SOW with detailed project information and as a part of the documentation package. It’s difficult to find a writer qualified enough to understand the specificities of your contract.

Does the sow template have that much detail?

Yes, it has that much detail. The more details you fill out in our SOW template, the merrier your project will be. The making of a statement of work can be a daunting task, which is why having a SOW template to outline the phases and tasks is so important.

How to write a sow for a project?

Tasks: Take the SOW and breakdown the general steps into specific tasks. Be very detailed. You can also paint it broadly by collecting those tasks in milestones and phases. Payment: The SOW should mention the payments related to the project and how they shall be delivered.

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