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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Sorenson's Ranch School in Utah?

Officials with the Utah Office of Licensing say that two years ago Sorenson’s Ranch School, based in the central Utah town of Koosharem, said it would stop using what it called “Mountain Camp.” School administrators described it as a “low level” camp where students haul wood, improve the land, and complete “therapy assignments.”

Is Sorenson’s ranch school accredited?

Sorenson’s Ranch School is an accredited school authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. Contact our admissions specialist now.

Did Sorenson's ranch fail to report 12 'critical incidents?

The notice of agency action states that Sorenson’s Ranch did not report at least 12 “critical incidents” to the Office of Licensing, which the program is required to do within a day. A critical incident is any time a child is hurt or seriously ill.

Why choose Sorenson’s ranch?

Small class sizes allow teachers to individualize teaching methods for each student. The clinical department at Sorenson's Ranch uniquely includes both mental health therapists and specially trained substance abuse counselors. Mental health and substance abuse issues are addressed in group and individual settings.

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