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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Sorensen test measure?

The Sorensen test evaluates the static endurance of the trunk extensor muscles and is considered the tool of reference for evaluating muscle performance in patients with low back pain, most notably before and after rehabilitation programs [21].

Is Biering Sorensen endurance time associated with low back pain in adolescents?

Statistically significant association between Biering Sorensen endurance time at 3 year follow up assessment and LBP in adolescents (p= .007) Beiring-Sorensen for fatigability correlated with back muscle strength (p<0.05)

What is the Sorensen test for LBP?

Adequate levels of paraspinal muscle endurance, assessed with the maintenance of the horizontal trunk posture with the trunk unsupported in the prone position (Sorensen test),are considered preventive against the development of mechanical LBP [17-20].

What is the Biering-Sørensen test?

The Biering-Sørensen test is a timed measure used to assess the endurance of the trunk extensor muscles. It is used to assist in the prediction of the incidence and occurrence of low back pain in patients. The patient lies prone on the examining table with the upper edge of the iliac crests in alignment with the edge of the table.

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