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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CrossFit CrossFit's GHD sit up work?

Crossfit made this device known for performing sit ups that allowed the athlete to extend the spine and get a full range of motion and stretch of the rectus abdominis, which in my personal opinion, is arguably beneficial in this case. Let’s give a close look of what happens while performing a GHD sit up.

What are the risks of CrossFit?

In the earlier days of CrossFit, some athletes contracted rhabdomyolysis, a serious condition that results from overworked and damaged muscle tissue while doing this exercise. Since we can't be there to diagnose form, be sure to take these slowly if you've never done them.

How does CrossFit define core strength?

CrossFit defines core strength as midline stabilization. When viewing an athlete from profile, a reference line trisects the spine and bisects the pelvis. Midline stabilization refers to the ability to maintain rigidity, stability, and a lack of deflection around that line (Figure 1).

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