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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sorensen funeral home do cremation?

A funeral home such as Sorensen Funeral home does offer direct cremation. The main difference between a funeral home versus a direct cremation would be your loved one would be handled by a licensed funeral director every time. In the case of Sorensen Funeral home your loved one would also not leave or care.

Why choose Sorenson Lockwood funeral home?

Welcome to Sorenson Lockwood Funeral Home! We'll be pleased to welcome your visit to our warm and comfortable facility. In 2014, we added on the the existing Sorenson-Lockwood Funeral Home. It was designed to be unlike any funeral home you've ever seen; it's truly a one-of-a-kind place.

Why choose parent-Sorensen mortuary?

For over 150 years, Parent-Sorensen Mortuary has proudly served the Sonoma and Marin Communities, providing professional and caring service. As a part of our continuing service to those we serve, we specifically designed this website as a simple, yet invaluable tool for you to use.

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