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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes pain under the armpit?

Swelling of the lymph nodes can cause right sided underarm pain. These are small and oval tissues located all over the body but majorly in armpits, groin and the neck. Some major causes of your lymph nodes swelling include; infection in your body resulting from viruses, bacteria’s and parasites.

What does soreness under the armpit mean?

Many people experience armpit pain at some point in their life. Minor infections and overexertion are regularly at the root of the pain. However, armpit pain may be a sign of other, more serious health conditions. Less commonly, armpit pain can indicate swollen lymph nodes or the presence of breast cancer.

What are the common causes of arm and breast pain?

Hormonal changes can cause arm and breast pain. Although one of the most common causes of arm and breast pain is lymphedema, there are many other causes, including noncyclical breast pain, pain associated with menstrual cycles, and problems caused by swollen armpits.

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