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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes sores under the armpit?

Reasons lymph nodes in the armpit area may be enlarged are: Cysts or abscesses under the skin may also produce large, painful lumps in the armpit. These may be caused by shaving or use of antiperspirants (not deodorants). This is most often seen in teens just beginning to shave.

Why is my armpit sore?

There are many possible causes of armpit or underarm pain (referred to medically as axillary pain) that can range from mostly a nuisance to serious. Irritation from deodorant, infections in the sweat glands, injuries, nerve compression, or even cancer are only a few of the possibilities.

What causes pain under the right armpit?

According to, arm pain, including pain on the right side under the arm, may be generated by nerves, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments or joints. Underarm pain is often the result of traumatic or overuse injuries.

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