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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes neck pain under the ear?

The cervicogenic headache can produce a pain in neck below ear, which radiates from the neck base to the head. The cause of such headache is the strong stress of the upper joints because of a bad posture, or some wrong neck movements.

What causes pain on left side of jaw?

Jaw pain, which sometimes radiates to other areas of the face, is a common concern. It can develop due to sinus infections, toothaches, issues with the blood vessels or nerves, or other conditions. Most types of jaw pain result from temporomandibular joint disorder.

What is causing my neck pain and headache?

Because cervicogenic headaches arise from problems in the neck, different conditions can trigger this type of pain. These include degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis, a prolapsed disc in the neck, or a whiplash injury. Falling down or playing sports can also cause injury to the neck and trigger these headaches.

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