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Frequently Asked Questions

How to heal sore on side of mouth?

Medicated gels, creams, pastes, and liquids go on the sore. Mouth rinses. Mix salt or baking soda in warm water, and swish it around your mouth. Milk of magnesia. Put a bit on a cotton swab, and dab it on the sore. There’s no cure for canker sores, and they often come back. But you might get them less often if you:

What does it mean if the back of your mouth hurts?

The back portion of the roof of mouth is composed of soft tissue and it is called soft palate. The roof of mouth may hurt due to many reasons, in most cases there is burning sensation. Pain in roof of mouth is a common condition. Eating spicy food or drinking extremely hot tea or coffee, may hurt and burn the roof of mouth.

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