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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes sores on the top of your ears?

Ear infections are a common cause of earaches or ear pain. Ear infections can occur in the outer, middle, and inner ear. Outer ear infection can be caused by swimming, wearing hearing aids or headphones that damage the skin inside the ear canal, or putting cotton swabs or fingers in the ear canal.

Why do I have recurring sores in my ear?

Causes of ear scabs and sores Psoriasis in ear and scabs in the ear that won't go away. ... Infected pimple inside the ear canal. Pimples, zits or bumps in the ear often cause discomfort. ... Ear cancer can form a scab on earlobe and fold. ... Ear scab on piercing or earring hole. ... Bacterial and yeast ear infection. ...

What causes cancer on the ear?

The exact cause of cancer of the ear is not clear. Exposure to certain industrial chemicals and oils has shown an increase in incidence of ear cancers. The cancer of the ear, specifically squamous cell carcinoma is malignant and may spread to adjacent lymph nodes from where it may be extend to other organs via lymph flow.

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