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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of sectional sofa?

Our favorite loveseat: The Uppland is a classic loveseat– plush, sturdy, and comfortable. The design can fit any space, and the price is right.Our favorite sectional sofa: The Kivik is a five-seater with a chaise. ...Our favorite for flair: The Lindome is a vibrant blue, timeless sofa sure to catch everybody’s eye as they walk through your door. ...

Which is better sectional or sofa and loveseat?

Though either can be found stylized to match beautifully with your preferred décor; sofas can be used more formally, sectionals tend to make a space feel more casual and cozy. If the area allows, sofas with accompanying loveseat or chairs will make a room look more open, less crowded and likely bigger.

What is the best sectional couch?

The Very Best Sectional Sofas, Tested and Reviewed by Our EditorsModular sectionals. If you’re looking for a sofa with a modern design that will grow with you, you might want to consider a modular design where seating can be swapped ...Low profile sectional sofas. ...Slipcovered sectionals. ...Midcentury-modern sectionals. ...Leather sectionals. ...

How to pair a coffee table with your sectional sofa?

Consider scale. This is where your sofa and other furniture in the space comes into play… make sure both your coffee table AND side table are an appropriate scale (and ...Make sure they feel cohesive. ...Remember contrast is a good thing. ...Check the visual weight. ...Keep materials in mind. ...

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