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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sofas and Sectionals?

~ Bridget from Sierra Madre, CA Sofas and Sectionals is a leading pioneer in the furniture industry, dedicated to the ideal of customer-driven virtual commerce. We envisioned an entirely new venue where customers could enjoy a customized shopping experience in the comfort of their homes, and then we made it a reality.

Why choose Louisiana Furniture Gallery of Lafayette?

Hurry! Ends Soon At Louisiana Furniture Gallery of Lafayette, our affordable custom furniture allows you to spend less money and less time designing your dream home! We give excellent value on our furniture while also price-matching competitors' rates so you don't have to shop around Lafayette for the best pricing!

What are the pros and cons of having a sectional furniture?

Another perk of having this type of sectional is that the furniture parts can be used as standalone parts. There are sleeper sectionals as well as convertible sectionals that are useful for friends staying the night. A home theater style sectional may be appealing as well, with reclining seats and included footrests.

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