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Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does Sodexo have?

Thanks to our 412,000 employees, Sodexo provides catering, facilities management, employee benefits and personal home services to 100 million consumers daily in 56 countries. At Sodexo we believe in the difference a day makes.

Who can use Sodexo computer system?

Use of this Sodexo computer system is limited to authorized users. This network contains confidential and proprietary information and is to be accessed and used exclusively by Sodexo employees and its authorized agents and contractors. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited and violators are subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law.

How do I contact Sodexo business development?

Thank you for reaching out to Sodexo. We are here to answer your questions and learn more about how we can serve your business needs. Please fill out the form below or call Business Development at 866-433-8546. Check this box to opt in.

What are Sodexo’s policies for Internet access?

All users of Sodexo network resources, including Internet access, must comply with Sodexo policies for such use. Sodexo reserves the right to monitor, access, retrieve, read, and disclose communications at any time, and to engage in automated monitoring, and investigation of irregularities.

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