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Frequently Asked Questions

Is sparkling water the same thing as soda water?

Yes, soda water and sparkling water taste the same. Before buying please make sure that the soda/sparkling is unsweetened. Will do! Thanks Thanks! Love me a soda stream.

Is sparkling water a good substitute of sugary soda?

As what I mentioned earlier, sparkling water is a non-calorie and non-sugar beverage, but sugary soda is. It is not a tough choice to choose sparkling water as a similar but much healthier beverage than soda to be the daily drink. People also can use sparkling water to be the transition from sugary soda to water.

Which Soda Stream is best?

SodaStream Fizzi OneTouch The best soda maker. This automated soda maker offers a wide range of bubbles (from lightly carbonated to super fizzy) and makes great-tasting seltzer.

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