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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SodaStream a healthy alternative to soda?

According to what I've read, carbonated water alone is not harmful to your body. However, if you add flavorings and sugars, your drink is not as healthy. So if you like carbonated water, and the soda stream adds nothing else, that would be a healthier alternative to regular soda pop.

Is a SodaStream worth it?

Unless you are a serious soda drinker, SodaStream is not worth it. If you drink soda occasionally, it might take you years or even decades for the Sodastream machine to pay itself off. It might make more economical sense to continue buying your soda from the grocery store. Hey, Want some free cash?

What does a soda stream do?

Soda Stream is an Israeli company that manufactures and sells carbonation machines. The machines are basically three parts. The machine itself, the metal bottle which holds CO2, Carbon Dioxide under pressure and a special plastic bottle that can withstand the pressure of carbonated water over and over.

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