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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my SodaStream nozzle leaking from the front?

You may have other leakage issues with the nozzle at the front, though. Others may be from an issue involving water leaking from the bottle itself. These problems usually involve issues with the shape of the bottle’s top, as SodaStream machines are built and designed to only accept certain bottle types.

Do SodaStream bottles expire?

Side Note: Did you also know that SodaStream Bottles expire after a while you can click to read when, why they expire and learn much more about SodaStream Bottles? Never use hot water, bleach to wash your SodaStream bottle and do not wash it inside a Dishwasher.

Can you use a different bottle for SodaStream carbonation?

The SodaStream bottles have specially designed tops that are designed to fit around the carbonating nozzle. Using the proper bottle ensures proper carbonation, so using a different bottle type won’t work as well unless it matches the measurements specifically.

Why is my SodaStream bottle warping?

This is because some of the gas escaped through the same gap. Even your regular SodaStream bottle might be having trouble. These bottles can warp if they are plastic and have been exposed to extreme heat. The tops, if they warp, might not fit the carbonator nozzle the same way they used to.

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