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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my SodaStream is not working?

When trying to operate the SodaStream, nothing happens. If there are too many washers present the carbonation bottle will not be able to hold in place. Be sure to check the carbonation attachment area with tweezers.

Why is my SodaStream jet carbonation button not working?

1- SodaStream t anks aren’t screwed on properly if this occurs unscrew your tank and screw it on back. 2- Your SodaStream Cylinder is out of gas and you need to get it exchanged, you can click to read my article where I would guide you through the cost, where and how you can get it exchanged. 6- SodaStream Jet Carbonation Button Not Working.

Why is my SodaStream nozzle leaking from the front?

You may have other leakage issues with the nozzle at the front, though. Others may be from an issue involving water leaking from the bottle itself. These problems usually involve issues with the shape of the bottle’s top, as SodaStream machines are built and designed to only accept certain bottle types.

Why is my SodaStream overflowing?

There are tons of reasons why this might happen from; the water not being cold enough to faulty SodaStream Bottles. I go in-depth on this issue, in my article about what causes weak carbonation and how you can fix them you can click to read more. Overflowing is a common issue with SodaStream machines, but it’s a very preventable one.

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