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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put other bottles in a Sodastream machine?

SodaStream machines have fixed nozzles at the front of each model that is specifically designed to only accept bottles sized like SodaStream ones. It’s definitely possible to find occasional soda or beverage bottles that are not made from SodaStream that may fit these nozzles, but they are few and far between.

Is the SodaStream fizzi the best soda maker for You?

Furthermore, it comes in a pretty small size, just a little taller than the 1 L bottles of water that it infuses the carbonation. All in all, the SodaStream Fizzi is an easy-to-use soda maker and a perfect starting point if you’ve never made your own custom sodas before.

What can SodaStream do for You?

Turn the ordinary into extraordinary. "Our Soda Stream has given new life to water." Planet Earth needs less waste and more sparkle. Be the change: One SodaStream bottle can help the average family reduce more than 3,700 bottles and cans from our planet.

How many types of sodastreams are there?

There are five main SodaStream models to choose from, and each does a phenomenal job of providing carbonated water whenever you like. But it can be tricky to know which soda maker to choose, especially if you haven’t used a sparkling water maker before.

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