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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between SodaStream and SodaStream jet?

The main difference in SodaStream machines is in how you carbonate your water, and the Jet relies on a pretty basic guess-and-check method: after twisting and locking the bottle into the machine, you push the control button any number of times until you reach your desired carbonation level (the machine will make a loud "pop" noise when it's ready).

How does the SodaStream spirit soda maker work?

The Sodastream Spirit classic starter kit comes with the spirit, a 1L bottle and a CO2 cylinder. The machine is easy to use and quick to set up; with no batteries or cords you just attach the gas canister and it’s ready to carbonate water immediately. The Spirit soda maker features a button on the top that you press and hold to carbonate the water.

What's the difference between the SodaStream spirit and source element?

As a point of note, there are a couple of differences between the SodaStream Spirit ($109) and the similarly high-rated SodaStream Source Element ($149). The more-premium Source Element model uses stainless steel bottles, while the SodaStream Spirit bottles are made from plastic.

What is the difference between JET JET and spirit?

Jet: A compact and cordless design. Press the carbonating button until you reach your desired fizziness and enjoy! Spirit: Adds the Snap-Lock bottle mechanism, making the system quick, simple and easy-to-use with a slimmer design.

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