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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SodaStream fizzi and SodaStream jet?

Most of the differences between them are cosmetic in nature. Based on the above comparisons, analysis, and understanding, we feel that the SodaStream Fizzi has an edge over the Jet model. The Fizzi sports a slightly smaller profile due to which it takes comparatively less counter space than the Jet.

Is the SodaStream jet a good choice for beginners?

Beginners love the practical and innovative design of the Jet, but those who already have the hang of soda making often prefer models that come with a snap-to-lock mechanism, like the SodaStream Fizzi. Unfortunately, the Jet also lacks the customizable carbonation settings that you can find in higher-end models.

Does SodaStream jet have a bottle locking mechanism?

While we like the simplicity and practical function of the SodaStream Jet, we feel that it lacks an effective and automatic bottle locking mechanism. It has a primitive style of holder that forces you to manually screw the bottle safely into place. Some users find this a nuisance, and it can lead to unwanted spillage.

How does a SodaStream Source work?

The SodaStream Source is the final offered soda maker model currently available. It has an elegant aesthetic with an extremely easy to use push-in snap-lock system that makes it a breeze to insert your next water bottle when it’s ready for carbonation. Simply push the bottle up into the receiving nozzle and you’ll hear it snap into place.

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