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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the SodaStream fizzi and fountain jet?

The main difference between the Sodastream Fizzi and the Fountain Jet is the design. The big difference between the Fizzi and the Source is that the Source has a level indicator. The challenge for most of us though is in choosing the right SodaStream mode. They have so many, and it all seems very confusing.

Is Aqua Fizz better than SodaStream?

All in all, the Aqua Fizz is a more stylish and aesthetically pleasing version of the basic soda maker model that SodaStream has perfected. It’s better if you don’t need to drink a whole liter of soda each time you make a custom beverage or if you prefer the look and taste of drinks from a glass carafe rather than a plastic bottle.

Is the SodaStream jet a good choice for beginners?

Beginners love the practical and innovative design of the Jet, but those who already have the hang of soda making often prefer models that come with a snap-to-lock mechanism, like the SodaStream Fizzi. Unfortunately, the Jet also lacks the customizable carbonation settings that you can find in higher-end models.

What is the Fizz chip on a Sodastream machine?

Featuring the Fizz Chip, this carbonating machine features a gauge to show the CO2 level remaining in the canister, making sure drinks are produced properly every time. Take pleasure in the flexibility of creating your own sparkling drinks within seconds, using the SodaStream Jet home soda maker.

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