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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the really good SodaStream flavor syrups?

Reviews of the Best 5 SodaStream Flavors SodaStream Fruit Drops. If you're a La Croix fan looking to use your SodaStream to make flavored sparkling water, try the Fruit Drops. Tonic Water. This syrup is great - tasting just like a canned Tonic! ... Root Beer. Both the diet version and classic version of the root beer are good! Grapefruit. ... Homestyle Lemonade. ...

Where to buy SodaStream flavors?

Variety Packs give you a range of SodaStream flavors with just one purchase which usually cost less than buying each individually and also importantly you would save money on shipping. Click to See the SodaStream Diet Variety Pack on Amazon. Click to see the SodaStream Standard Variety Pack on Amazon.

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