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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SodaStream a healthy alternative to soda?

According to what I've read, carbonated water alone is not harmful to your body. However, if you add flavorings and sugars, your drink is not as healthy. So if you like carbonated water, and the soda stream adds nothing else, that would be a healthier alternative to regular soda pop.

Is SodaStream bad for You?

Sodastream water is not bad for you. Sodastream water has the same nutrients as water. But, carbonated water contains 0.22% of carbonic acid produced by the CO2's reaction with water. However, no studies to date have found any negative effects from drinking carbonated water.

What soda has no sugar?

Coca-Cola created a stevia-sweetened soda that not only has no sugar and zero calories, but lacks the aftertaste prevalent in many products containing the ingredient, the company said at its investor day.

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