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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SodaStream Cola have caramel coloring?

No. Coca-Cola contains caramel color which gives the drink its characteristic colour. Leading regulatory authorities around the world recognize that caramel colouring is safe for use in food and drinks. Why is Coke bad for you? The classic Coca-Cola contains, as we see, a huge amount of sucrose.

Is SodaStream a healthier soda alternative?

SodaStream is a healthy alternative for those of us who wish to eliminate diet drinks from their life. Studies have shown the adverse effects of drinking artificially sweetened drinks – such as diet soda. Artificially sweetened drinks can lead to a higher risk of stroke and dementia. These effects are terrifying, and kicking your diet ...

Does SodaStream have caffeine?

Yes, it does. What is the caffeine content in your Energy Drink Mix and in your other caffeinated flavors? The Energy Drink has 80mg of caffeine per 8oz serving. Other SodaStream caffeinated flavors contain 31 mg per 8oz serving. More questions?

Does SodaStream soda taste good?

Yes, it still tastes like water, but not like tap water that’s been treated with chlorine or fluoride. This is very different than plain SodaStream soda water that will just taste like the water that you already have, but with bubbles. Part of the appeal of SodaStream is the option to use whatever water you already love.

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