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Frequently Asked Questions

How many gallons of soda can you make with SodaStream Cola syrup?

If you were to use 1 gallon of SodaStream Cola syrup, you would be able to make 24 gallons of soda with that one Liter. This means that SodaStream’s syrup has a 1:24 dilution ratio.

What are the best homemade SodaStream recipes?

This SodaStream recipe is both fresh and tropical tasting. It makes a great mixer with rum as well! You can also make a syrup using the syrup and a can of pineapple and letting it soak with mint. You only need a bit for a great homemade SodaStream syrup. 10. Blueberry & Sage Muddle blueberries and sage in a glass.

Does SodaStream Cola syrup taste like Coca-Cola?

Many users online have stated that they have made soda with SodaStream Cola syrup that tastes almost identical to a real Coca-Cola soda. In all honesty, the biggest difference you will find between the two is the levels of fizziness experienced.

What is SodaStream and how does it work?

Famously, and for a good reason, the carbonated beverage produced by using a SodaStream results in a lot less fizziness and bubbles that are normally experienced with a regular can of Coca-Cola, or a popular soda brand.

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