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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a sociology major at UCSB?

You must have completed at least one of the pre-major GPA requirements in areas A and/or B at UCSB with a 2.3 (C+) GPA and must come into the Sociology Undergraduate Office to fill out the paperwork. When approved, you will be officially declared a pre-sociology major.

What are the UCSB degree requirements?

For deeper dives, students should consult the General Catalog. UCSB's degree requirements fall into four main categories and are described, in brief, below: 1. Unit Requirements You must complete a total of either 180 or 184 units, including at least 60 upper division units. 2. University Requirements 3. General Education Requirements

What are the requirements of the sociology major?

The requirements of the sociology major are designed to provide a thorough grounding in sociological theory and methodology, while also allowing students to explore specific interests.

How many upper division units do I need for sociology?

You will need 60 upper division units in Letters and Science, of which 36 will come from the sociology major. That leaves you 24 units (6 classes) that can come from other departments. Consider taking courses in other departments that might interest you or help you with your career goals.

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