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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Smartsheet?

Watch this Smartsheet tutorial for an introduction to key functionality and best practices that can transform the way your business works. You’ll learn how to use Smartsheet to streamline a business process using features including sheets, reports, automation, and dashboards. Walk through how to navigate Smartsheet to find and manage your work.

What is a Smartsheet training plan?

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform that enables HR teams to manage everything from job applicant tracking to new hire onboarding and employee performance reviews. See Smartsheet in action. What Is a Training Plan? A training plan is a document that details the strategy and specific steps needed to accomplish a goal or an objective.

What is Smartsheet University All Access?

With Smartsheet University All Access, get unlimited virtual instructor-led training and eLearning on one platform. If you already have eLearning, our All Access Upgrade gives you unlimited access to our virtual instructor-led training classes. Start your learning journey today.

How do I sign into Smartsheet?

There are several ways to sign into Smartsheet.... If you’re not sure where to start as you get to know Smartsheet, you’ve come to the right place.... The left Navigation Bar (Nav Bar) provides quick access to that important sheet, report, or dashboard when you need it....

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