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Frequently Asked Questions

Why smartsmartcare for child care management?

Smartcare provides a cohesive platform to manage one or multi-site child care centers. Our technology and training support better communication between staff and parents. Let’s Get Started! Your time is valuable.

What are the supported products of Smartcare login?

SmartCare Login Supported Products: SmartCare™ HealthCare Management System. Learn more… SmartFinancials™ Financial Accounting ERP. Learn more… Processing, Please wait ... Intersoft Login Fill out the form below to login to Intersoft Technologies Platform.

How do I get Started with Smartcare for parents?

If you’re a parent at a center that has recently started using Smartcare, go to our Parents page to download the app and get started. Need support? Find answers and contact our support team on our helpdesk, here.

Why smartsmartcare invoicing?

Smartcare is changing the mindset when it comes to the crucial tasks of invoicing and billing. Through a simple demo, you’ll be able to see how we remove the biggest frustration in the industry and give you a solution that works seamlessly. With a simple, well-designed interface, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch over sooner. Let’s Get Started!

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