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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Smartcare?

You need a system that adapts as you need it. The Smartcare software is mobile-friendly giving you: Keeping all your kids safe is always a priority. Smartcare gives you peace of mind with their stringent security solution: What good is a system that complicates your proven processes?

How do I sign in/sign out of Smartcare?

QR codes can be used to sign in / sign out of the Smartcare system by simply navigating to the “sign-in/out” section, and a QR code will be presented. If a code is not presented, select the “3 dot” icon at the top right, and select “get a new code.” What’s my PIN? I don’t remember setting a PIN up.

Why Smartcare child care software?

Smartcare provides a cohesive platform to manage one or multi-site child care centers. Our technology and training support better communication between staff and parents. Work Smarter Not Harder. Easily manage your daycare or preschool with Smartcare child care software.

How do I get Started with Smartcare for parents?

If you’re a parent at a center that has recently started using Smartcare, go to our Parents page to download the app and get started. Need support? Find answers and contact our support team on our helpdesk, here.

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