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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the supported products of Smartcare login?

SmartCare Login Supported Products: SmartCare™ HealthCare Management System. Learn more… SmartFinancials™ Financial Accounting ERP. Learn more… Processing, Please wait ... Intersoft Login Fill out the form below to login to Intersoft Technologies Platform. Forgot your password?

What is smartsmartcare?

Smartcare is an extension of your team that automates your most timely and burdensome tasks: One of the biggest hassles and concerns for daycare professionals is receiving timely and accurate payments.

Why Smartcare child care software?

Smartcare provides a cohesive platform to manage one or multi-site child care centers. Our technology and training support better communication between staff and parents. Work Smarter Not Harder. Easily manage your daycare or preschool with Smartcare child care software.

Why choose petiq Smartcare wellness plan?

With PetIQ SmartCare Wellness Plan, not only do you save money on routine petcare, but with unlimited vet visits, you can greatly increase the chances of finding any potential health problems earlier for better outcomes plus lower costs to you. Review the wellness plans listed below Select the plan that is right for your pet (s)

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