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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of smartbizloans?

If you reading this review, just know that is a waste of major time. You will not get any communication at all. Be aware of these fake portals. I'd rate this loan processing service a zero. Pushed higher loan balance when not needed. Virtually non responsive after loan was already funded.

Why didn't smartbiz give me a second PPP?

Smartbiz caused me to not get a second PPP I was entitled to because of inaccurate questions about the first draw needing to be completely used. I had only received my first draw mid April. Half way. Now the Hard Part Please assist me in finding out how to get my loans forgiven.

What is smartbiz and how does it work?

What is SmartBiz? SmartBiz is an online provider of U.S. Small Business Administration loans. The company is not a direct lender. Instead, it helps small businesses apply for the loans through its network of partner banks. What are SBA loans?

What types of loans does smartsmartbiz offer?

SmartBiz offers only SBA loans and bank term loans through its lender network, rather than a variety of loan types as offered by other lending platforms.

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