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Frequently Asked Questions

How can smartbiz help me with my PPP loan?

SmartBiz really helped me a lot, and now I got a little pay check with the 3000 from the PPP loan. You should subscribe to SmartBiz, read up on their site and contact them if you’re having any trouble. They will surely help you. It's a fantastic group of people.

How do I apply for forgiveness with smartbiz?

Borrowers that need assistance or have questions should call the SBA at (877) 552-2692, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST. If your PPP amount is over $150, 000 and you received your PPP loan through a bank in the SmartBiz network, your bank will be contacting you directly about applying for Forgiveness.

What percentage of smartbiz loans are approved?

About 90% of the applications referred to SmartBiz marketplace banks are approved. With low-rates, long terms, and very low monthly payments, SBA loans are known as the “gold standard” and help businesses across America expand and save money. How do I know I can trust these reviews about SmartBiz Loans?

Are SBA PPP loans forgivable?

These PPP loans are forgivable for eligible borrowers. This means you don’t have to pay it back if the funds are used as designated under SBA rules. SmartBiz specializes in SBA loans with our network banks funding nearly $4 billion in SBA, PPP, and bank term loans.

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