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Frequently Asked Questions

Are PPP funds available on smartbiz?

The availability of PPP funds is limited, and SmartBiz and banks in the SmartBiz lending network make no representations or guarantees that PPP funds will be available when you apply. I have reviewed, understand, and agree to the SmartBiz Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Consent to Electronic Communications and Electronic Signatures.

What is smartsmartbiz?

SmartBiz specializes in SBA loans with our network banks funding nearly $4 billion in SBA, PPP, and bank term loans. WHAT'S CHANGED?

What is a promissory note from a bank?

A Promissory Note is a document from a borrower to a lender that basically says the borrower will promise (hence the name) to pay back a certain amount of money. What are the similarities between loan agreements and promissory notes?

Will SBA's new promissory note form help small businesses?

The Small Business Administration tonight released a long-awaited promissory note form for use with Paycheck Protection Program loans. Bankers, the American Bankers Association and the state bankers association have strongly advocated for SBA to provide a standard note.

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