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Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't smartbiz give me a second PPP?

Smartbiz caused me to not get a second PPP I was entitled to because of inaccurate questions about the first draw needing to be completely used. I had only received my first draw mid April. Half way. Now the Hard Part Please assist me in finding out how to get my loans forgiven.

What is smartsmartbiz?

SmartBiz specializes in SBA loans with our network banks funding nearly $4 billion in SBA, PPP, and bank term loans. WHAT'S CHANGED?

How many small businesses have been helped by smartbiz?

To date, it has assisted nearly 200,000 small businesses with SBA loans and bank loans, including successfully processing PPP loan applications. 60 percent of PPP applications processed by SmartBiz were women-owned, minority-owned, or veteran-owned businesses.

What is your review of smartbiz Loan Processing Service?

I'd rate this loan processing service a zero. Pushed higher loan balance when not needed. Virtually non responsive after loan was already funded. Bank that was servicing my deal seemed to distance themselves from SmartBiz saying “they are only brokers” and seemingly apologized for them.

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