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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Smart Start?

Smart Start is the leading Ignition Interlock installer in Tennessee. Ready to install your IID? We’re here to help you get back on the road! "I just wanna brag on the Greeneville location North Main Audio- Damien and Angie are always amazing!

How does an interlock ignition device work?

Every case is different and because of this, the interlock ignition device records you BAC upon each start of the vehicle and collects the data to help you properly become re-instated with the DMV. At Pitstop Interlock we believe in respectful service at an affordable price.

Why Colorado Springs most trusted interlock device installers?

That is why we are Colorado Springs most trusted interlock device installer. An interlock device is simply a breathalyzer designed to monitor your BAC (blood alcohol content) to ensure that you are within the state’s guidelines for operating a motor vehicle.

What is pitstop interlock of Colorado Springs?

Pitstop Interlock of Colorado Springs is the first step to getting back on the road. As an ignition interlock service provider we understand the importance of being able to use your car. It is our mission to ensure the transition is simple, affordable and convenient.

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