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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Smart Start?

At Smart Start, we make it easy. With affordable interlock solutions, exceptional 24/7 Customer Care, professional installation, and thousands of convenient locations, Smart Start is the Smart Choice for your Interlock needs. Get started by contacting Smart Start today. What would you like to contact us about?

How many smart start service centers are there?

In total, Smart Start operates nearly 2,000 service center locations worldwide. Smart Start is the nation’s premier provider of services and technologies that is Setting the Standard in Alcohol Monitoring Technology® with Ignition Interlocks and portable devices.

Is smart start a good alcohol monitoring company?

Over the years, Smart Start has expanded their product and service offerings to include other alcohol monitoring technologies to become a proven and innovative market leader. For instance, Smart Start was the first company to offer a camera with their Ignition Interlock, answering the question of “who took the test.”

Why should you choose Smart Start?

Smart Start is also renowned for its customer service – both to their clients and to the monitoring authorities who order the Interlock Devices and/or alcohol monitoring devices. Our products’ ease of use, our custom-designed software and the convenience of our service make Smart Start the preferred provider for clients.

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