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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a Home smart?

But for Bridleman, making a home smart doesn’t start inside the four walls. It starts in the community. “Bandwidth is key,” he says. “Being able to put fiber optics into a community at the very beginning, before you even start it, so that you can offer the appropriate bandwidth to be as smart as you want into a smart home.”

How do I Contact Smart Start?

Or Call (800) 831-3299 Now! By submitting this form, you agree and consent for Smart Start and its affiliates to use automated technology, including emails, calls, texts, and prerecorded messages, to contact you at the information provided. No purchase necessary; message and data rates may apply.

What is the cheapest way to buy a smart-home device?

Google's Nest Mini is the cheapest way to enter its ecosystem of smart-home devices, or you can just use your Android phone. Before you start shopping for devices, decide which ecosystem works best for you.

What can go wrong when setting up smart-home devices?

No matter how closely you follow instructions, things can—and frequently do—go wrong when you’re setting up smart-home devices. Here are a few tips we’ve learned the hard way. Check that your phone is connected not just to the same network but the same Wi-Fi band as the device you’re setting up (most devices need 2.4 GHz).

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