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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my smart logon?

My Smart Logon offers advices, tools and software to help secure your critical assets wherever they are in data center or mobile devices. My Smart Logon is providing EIDAuthenticate as an alternative to the password logon.

Why is the smart card logon not working in ntauth?

By default, Microsoft Enterprise CAs are added to the NTAuth store. If the CA that issued the smart card logon certificate or the domain controller certificates is not properly posted in the NTAuth store, the smart card logon process does not work. The corresponding answer is "Unable to verify the credentials".

How do I get a certificate for my smartcard logon?

Open the certificate console (certmgr.msc). Select the Personal store. Right click on it and select All Tasks then Request New Certificate. Press OK on the dialog until you get to the template dialog. Select the template issued before (Smartcard Logon ECC) and press Properties.

How do I find the cryptographic service provider associated with smartcard?

Select the template issued before (Smartcard Logon ECC) and press Properties. Go to the Private Key tab and expand Cryptographic Service Provider. Select the Key Storage Provider associated to your smart card. Most of the time it is Microsoft Smart Card Key Storage Provider.

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