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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a library account at Navy MWR?

For initial access, create a library account using your CAC at Navy MWR Digital Library > “Login” (under “Common Access Card”) > “Sign up here” (next to OverDrive) > “Account” > Create your library credentials under “New users:”. Download the OverDrive app onto your smartphone and create an OverDrive account.

What kind of information can I get from Navy Ombudsman?

View message traffic. A database of command ombudsman. An ombudsman serves as a point of ocontact for families and acts as the liaison between a command and families. Ombudsman can help navigate Navy life through resources and information. Digital copies of EVALs, qualifications, administrative remarks, and other personnel records.

How do I contact the Navy Reserves help desk?

Submit trouble tickets online, and view current system outages and telephone prompts if calling their help desk (1-866-843-6624). Career counselor resources. View and editing navy reserve orders. Reservists must log in every 60 days.

What is limdu status in the Navy?

On note, once an officer is placed into a LIMDU status in the system, the Detailers are unable to write orders assigning the officer back onto sea duty until the LIMDU status has been cleared by PERS-821. A goal of the limited duty process is to expedite the return of eligible officers to a "return to duty" or "fit for duty" status.

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