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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emirates NBD ask for any sensitive information?

Emirates NBD or its staff will never ask you for any sensitive information like Account number, Card number, Online/Mobile Banking password, CVV, PIN or OTP. If and when the bank calls you that you have won a prize or that your account is blocked, even then the bank will never ask you for any sensitive information.

What is smartbusiness by Emirates Islamic Bank?

Emirates Islamic Bank. smartBUSINESS is a web based offering that epitomizes the dynamism of the Banks e-Banking initiative. smartBUSINESS facilitates Businesses, Corporate & Institutional Clients to perform financial & non financial transactions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at their convenience.

How do I get Started with smartbusiness?

With the smartBUSINESS mobile app, you can perform banking transactions on the go and have a fast and convenient way to access your business accounts through any mobile device. Bring smartBUSINESS into your organization today. Simply fill out the application form below and you’re on your way. Need a hand? Click here for our step-by-step guide.

How can I transfer funds to my own account with smartbusiness?

You can initiate online transfers to your own account, as well as third party and vendor accounts, with Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic Bank. smartBUSINESS also facilitates receivables from other Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic Bank account holders through the Direct Debit facility.

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