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Frequently Asked Questions

How do users access the smart location database?

Users can download data, browse the data in interactive maps, or access the data through web services [iii]. The Smart Location Database summarizes more than 90 different indicators associated with the built environment and location efficiency.

Where can I find data and research behind the Smart Location calculator?

The data and research behind this tool, as well as a user guide, are available at the bottom of the Smart Location Calculator webpage. Figure 4 shows the Smart Location Index block group scores mapped for the Columbus, Ohio, metropolitan region. Sources: 2010 Census TIGER/Line shapefiles, 2010 Census Summary File 1, Census LEHD 2010]

What are the benefits of being Location Efficient?

As a result, they can choose to drive less, which reduces their emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants compared to people who live and work in places that are not location efficient. Walking, biking, and taking public transit can also save people money and improve their health by encouraging physical activity.

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