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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play my smart horse?

Welcome to the game My Smart Horse! First you choose a jockey and then a horse. Don’t forget to give your horse a nice name! Ride your horse in races to practice the multiplication tables one by one. Or join the tournament and race in 15 different places all around the world.

What is horse lover's math?

This horse-themed times tables game is a fun way to practice your multiplication tables. Horse Lover’s Math’s step by step guide will make getting your horse to the starting gate quick and easy! To start your game go to My Smart Horse.

How do you ride a horse in Math Adventure?

Get on your horse and go on a math adventure in a world of horses. Start by selecting the rider you're going on an adventure with. Once you've done this, you can choose which horse you want. Name your horse and get started. The stables contain many important things for your horse. In the top right you can see how much energy your horse has.

How do you jump in the horse racing game?

Click the Jump button as you reach each obstacle. The race will alternate between math questions and jumps. The stable is the place to keep your horse in good health and to make sure it has enough energy.

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