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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your wholesale food and Beverage Warehouse in Tacoma?

Our wholesale food and beverage supply warehouse in Tacoma is located just off HWY 512 in the neighborhood of Parkland.

Is Smart Foodservice part of US Foods?

Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores is proud to be part of the US Foods® family. This March, Smart Foodservice will become US Foods® CHEF’STORE® and integrate into their cash and carry store model. “We are excited to be joining such a strong brand under the umbrella of US Foods.

Why choose Chef's Store Tacoma?

Since 1989, we've been providing Tacoma and the surrounding areas with the highest-quality customer service. At CHEF'STORE, our customers are our partners. This is why we stock only the best produce, meats, seafood and more. From fresh veggies and fruits, to frozen appetizers and desserts, we have it all.

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