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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smart Foodservice part of US Foods?

Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores is proud to be part of the US Foods® family. This March, Smart Foodservice will become US Foods® CHEF’STORE® and integrate into their cash and carry store model. “We are excited to be joining such a strong brand under the umbrella of US Foods.

Where can I buy wholesale restaurant supply in Salem?

Our wholesale restaurant supply store is easily accessible via the Salem Parkway, at the intersection of Salem Industrial Drive NE and Cherry Avenue. Visit us today and stock up on all the items you need with convenient one-stop-shopping.

Where can I buy groceries in South Salem?

Visit us in South Salem today at the intersection of Commercial Street SE and Barnes Avenue SE. We provide our customers with all the grocery items, beverages, and dry and canned goods they need. Looking for fresh, beef, pork, deli meats, and produce?

Where can I buy wholesale food in Medford?

Stop by our wholesale restaurant supply warehouse. We're located in North Medford, at the intersection of Cardinal Avenue and Lear Way. CHEF'STORE provides customers with the freshest produce, beef, pork, dairy, and bakery products.

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