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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect a smart card reader?

To connect to a smart card reader From the Remote Control viewer, click Connect Smart Card in the Sessions context menu, or click the Smart Card toolbar button. Select which smart card reader to use to connect to the remote host computer. Insert your smart card.

What is smart card utility?

This Smart Card Utility is a graphical tool that facilitates testing and deployment of smart cards. StrongInsight provides network inventory and security analytics. StrongNet improves security in the face of consumerization and the bring-your-own-device trend.

What is a security smart card?

Smart Card Security. Smart cards provide computing and business systems the enormous benefit of portable and secure storage of data and value. At the same time, the integration of smart cards into your system introduces its own security management issues, as people access card data far and wide in a variety of applications.

What is virtual smart cards?

Virtual smart cards are functionally similar to physical smart cards and appear in Windows as smart cards that are always-inserted. Virtual smart cards can be used for authentication to external resources, protection of data by secure encryption, and integrity through reliable signing.

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