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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EKU extension for smart card logon objects?

In versions of Windows before Windows Vista, smart card certificates that are used to sign in require an EKU extension with a smart card logon object identifier. This policy setting can be used to modify that restriction.

What is an enhanced key usage (EKU) certificate?

Each certificate must have a user principal name (UPN) and the smart card sign-in object identifier (also known as OID) in the enhanced key usage (EKU) attribute field. There is a Group Policy setting, Allow ECC certificates to be used for logon and authentication, to make the EKU optional.

How do I enable ECECC smart card sign-in?

ECC smart card sign-in is enabled through Group Policy. Valid certificates are enumerated and displayed from all smart cards and presented to the user. Keys are no longer restricted to the default container, and certificates in different containers can be chosen. Most issues during authentication occur because of session behavior changes.

How do I select the sign-in experience on the smart card?

If you enable the Allow signature keys valid for Logon credential provider policy, any certificates that are available on the smart card with a signature-only key are listed on the sign-in screen. This allows users to select their sign-in experience.

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